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My name is Almuth Siegl and I am the founder of fondeon:


>> Our strengths:

Globalisation is putting increasing pressure on researchers and developers to boost their efficiency. Projects are becoming more complex and have to be implemented in shorter and shorter time spans.
My structured market observations and years of experience in the technology sector let me effectively broker partnerships between research institutions and companies.

A private investment should be reviewed and it should be profitable. My strength is finding projects that my investors like and that suit them. This goes far beyond the mere analysis of numbers and facts, because my customers also identify with the projects they finance on an emotional level.

Securing financial backing is one of the biggest challenges faced when developing a start-up. The idea phase in particular is where many start-ups struggle to find an investor. However, having proof of concept will suddenly open significantly more doors when it comes to potential investors.
Fondeon supports companies right from the beginning of their journey. 

>> Our newest project:

ACTIV is THE overarching initiative for Germany in the digital age.
For innovations, particularly in the field of climate and environmental protection.

The concrete implementation of operable and relevant solutions in practice is at the core of ACTIV.

ACTIV initiates measures, projects and campaigns to spread awareness about the environment and climate protection, support the transfer of knowledge and promote innovative technologies.

>> These are our first projects that we are starting with:


Individual match-making aligns the best research projects for our environment with committed investors and economic partners. WITHOUT time-consuming applications and bureaucratic obstacles. This means we can test lots of ideas in a short space of time – and quickly implement the ones that work.

>>  Ideas and technologies with high environmental relevance from the academic world*, PRE-Market-Intro
>>  Carefully selected through personal scouting on the basis of decade-long experience and an outstanding network
>>  Selected and reviewed by ACTIV and external scientific advisers

>>  Selected private investors, family offices and companies, many of them have a long history of successful cooperation with ACTIV initiators 

Match-making platform:
>>  Trust and quality by-invite-only principle
>>  Intuitive, effective networking and match-making
>>  Highly secure server 

>>  5O+ environmental projects and 50+ investors / economic partners present on the platform
>>  1O+ projects matched
>>  projects successfully financed via the platform

* In DACHL countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein


The idea contest puts ACTIV on the radar and ensures our initiatives get off to a flying start. The focus here is on the “doing”. The winners get to kick-start their idea. Backed up by a first-class network of experts and decision-makers.

Target group and ideas:
>>  The decision-makers of tomorrow, school pupils, students, scientists, individual people or teams
>>  Projects with high environmental relevance, before founding a company

Submission and selection:
>>  Online submission of an idea outline via the ACTIV website
>> Selection via an external jury of experts and ACTIV
>> Criteria: Ecological relevance, level of innovation, economic potential, feasibility, customer benefit, unique selling point, market potential 

Award ceremony and implementation:
>>  Award ceremony for the first three places
>>  Access to the ACTIV network and committed support for implementation

>>  Publicity for exciting ideas from young people has risen
>>  3 winning ideas are reviewed and awarded and then supported


With a lot of personal commitment and excellent industry knowledge, I have already successfully generated start-ups from many projects that have asserted themselves in the market.

Free From Food Awards

Innovative food concepts

fondeon und Amidori

>> Corporate spin-off/licence negotiations/financing
together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) in Freising

Amidori produces meat substitutes which are 100% plant-based and does so without the use of soya or flavour enhancers. The company name Amidori has recently become Endori; a beautiful combination of words from Japanese: Endo for pea / Midori means green and represents the idea of sustainability.

The amidori veggie burger was a 2O19 winner in the »Meat Substitutes« category at the 2O19 Free From Food Awards.

Zukunftspreis Deutschland

Innovative food concepts

fondeon und ProLupin

>> Corporate spin-off/licence negotiations/financing
together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) in Freising
 produces purely plant-based food ingredients from the seeds of the sweet lupine and works with partners in the food, specialty food and health industries to develop formulas for a huge range of different products.
In 2O14, Prolupin won the German Future Prize.

The innovative sustainability fund ECBF (European Circular Bioeconomy Fund) invested in Prolupin in November 2O2O -> https://www.ecbf.vc/prolupin

Business Growth Champion 


fondeon und Govecs

>> Start-up financing and consultation 
Govecs manufacturers e-scooters, lightweight electric motorbikes and transport vehicles.
FOCUS Business award as Growth Champion 2O2O  

successful exit

Medical technology

fondeon und Intersect ENT fiagon

>> Financing
Fiagon develops innovative electromagnetic surgery navigation solutions for the ENT market.
Successfully acquired by Intersect ENT in September 2O2O

German Packaging Award

Nano technology

fondeon und Fraunhofer ISC Würzburg

>> Business development at Fraunhofer ISC Würzburg
The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research (ISC) is an institution that assists material research in Würzburg. It uses nanotechnology to expand the functionality of materials.
Winner of the German Packaging Award 2O2O 

>> Thank you for our many years of good, successful cooperation:

»A woman is like a tea bag –
you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water«   
Eleanor Roosevelt 


For over 20 years, I have made my passion my work. Together with numerous private investors/family offices/research institutes and companies, I quickly turn innovations into economic products.
I put particular importance on the connection between innovation and sustainable environmental protection
»One day we should...« was yesterday, »Let’s do it« is today!

Mobile: +49 (16O) 832 33 99
E-mail: siegl@fondeon.de 
or visit me at  LinkedIn

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